Monday, September 1, 2014

Summertime Send Off

It's officially September; unofficially the end of summer. Lots of living. And I didn't write a word.
It isn't that there wasn't anything worthy of writing about, or that I didn't have anything to say. I chose another way, is all.

There was much to celebrate: Kidlet's graduation, many family birthdays, sister's epic achievement, a visit from my Kenya trip gal pals, sister times and weekends at the cottage. The long, lazy weeks of heat, sun and humidity that were the hallmarks of our childhood were not to be this year. Summer showed up on occasion, rarely for more than a day or two at stretch, and the leisurely pace and vacation feel was clearly absent. I longed to feel sunshine on my face...

I was immersed in my new job, eating and sleeping the possibilities and formulating success for my team. Hubby was on a September deadline so at least we were on the same page.

I lived in the moment, committing special moments to memory, etching precious images into my mind, reflecting and remembering, but not writing. I had a two month conversation with myself.

Good times and bad, life is indeed rich; challenging, teaching us, taking us beyond the ordinary if we let it. And it did and does.

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