Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogger Dad

He did it! He took the plunge ... my 70-something father is now officially a blogger. And I couldn't be prouder. He has been writing feverishly for almost a year now ... recollections, reflections, stories about people he has known, loved and who made a difference in his life. He scoured his memory bank and meticulously recorded the details of important events and experiences that impacted him. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the size of his commitment and the resulting stack of papers are nothing short of remarkable.

Since he handed over his work for me to peruse he mentioned that he was missing his daily ritual of writing. I encouraged him to keep writing and not let me hold him up. And so he kept on.

I got thinking about he loves to be learning new things, and has always shown a keen interest in reading my blog. So - I set him up with his very own. His story is worth telling -- sharing. Why hoard all those stories of eating whale blubber and raw caribou all to himself?

Anyway - look out blogosphere cause here comes my dad ...

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  1. Congrats to him & lucky for those he shares with. I'd love the link! cuz


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