Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Hugs n Stuff

Fritz our schnauzer must be getting older. His once love-you-from-a-distance attitude has softened considerably. Now he chooses to snooze close by - in fact with his head usually laying on my feet or like tonight, his head on my shoulder. He has abandoned his favourite sleeping spot under the coffee table for the back of the couch, lodged deeply into the cushions with nice and easy access to shoulders to rest his head. He definitely needs more physical content and affection.

Maybe he's not so different from us humans. As the years pass, don't we also crave more, close contact with the people we love and care about? Aren't we more generous with our hugs and kisses? the mailman doesn't count It's the gift that aging delivers: appreciation for the right things/people. Our priorities shift a little more from the self centred column to the I know what's really important column. And that's a good thing ...

Fritz's head is weighing heavy on my shoulder, and his rhythmic breathing is lulling me to sleep. Time to turn in. Did you feel that? It was a big hug goodnight!

PS - You gotta love my drugstore cheater reading glasses ... Kidlet caught me in my most attractive post work, not-expecting human interaction get up.

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