Monday, June 8, 2009

Meatless Mondays

Green, green, what does it mean -- to me, us?
We are lucky in that our community has a green conscience and they make it easy to be eco-responsible. They make home composts and rain barrels available at a low cost and they provide green bins to residents to collect food scraps as well as the beloved blue boxes for recycling. As a family we delight in flattening cans, gathering cardboard and even tin foil for the bins. We really need to get out more. The downside is the unsightly stainless steel compost bowl heaped with veggie scraps that is perched on our counter until it is emptied every day.

There's nothing quite as appetizing as the wafting aromas from the fermenting organic material when you are cooking. That'd make anyone green. Hubby has really gotten with the program and I noticed over the past few months that he has really stepped it up --even chasing down dryer sheets, toilet paper rolls (wait til it's empty please) and used tissues. We even replaced our paper towels usage with a slew of white bar towels. It's a mission to only put one garbage bag to the curb every two weeks.

Now we're starting a new tradition in our house -- meatless Mondays. And it was his idea. He is really taking an interest in the health of our planet and coming up with all sorts of ways we can help reduce the harm we cause. He suggested that we start with meatless Mondays to ease our consumption of meat. That clapping is the sound of cows high-fiving and chickens clucking all over the planet.

Nothing is more attractive to me than a person with principles, who is living them. I am enjoying that feeling when you are united in purpose, as well as in love.

Now that being said - that compost bowl looks like it needs emptying.


  1. Are you sure that's not a new kind of orange octopus you're about to consign to the compost?! :)

  2. I tried a stainless steel bucket with a lid (Lee Valley has some) which is not unsightly on the counter and prevents odours.

  3. I think that this is fantastic. It wasn't until I took my current job, working in a very eco friendly focused place, that I began to really evaluate my personal carbon foot print and start making some radical changes in my life. Some changes are easier than others- recycle glass bottles, cans, etc. Others, meatless Mondays are a bit harder.

    I definitely admire and applaud all that your family is doing.


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