Sunday, June 21, 2009

One of a Kind - My Dad

To me as I was growing up, he was a large man, cutting an imposing figure. In fact he was larger than life ... interested, involved and excelling in everything - sports, politics, education, the outdoors, gardening, building. I believed there was nothing he couldn't do. And there wasn't.

After he retired and had less outside demands on his time, to our delight he turned his focus an attention to his family. He had always included us (his kids) in his adventures, however we had to share him with many. Retirement and a shift in his priorities was a gift to all of us.

That doesn't mean he stopped dreaming and having adventures. In fact he had a whole other life after retiring from teaching - in Canada's Arctic. He has a passion for life and learning - a desire to explore and understand - whether it be the burrowing owls he finds on the sidewalk or the plant life on the tundra. He is a work in progress ... a continuously evolving spirit.

People would describe him as talkative, energetic, thoughtful, passionate, loyal and open minded. He is that to all who call him family or friend. He is also that to many who call him neither. He has a giving heart and hand. He has a desire to make the world a better place. He walks the talk. He is our living example of how to live and how to give.

So Dad, thank you for being so much to so many - and for being my North Star. I love you for what you have done, who you are and who you are becoming.

[More about my Dad.]

Dad and his dog Buck at his waterfront! cabin on the tundra (67th parallel).


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