Friday, June 5, 2009

Taking the Plunge

I am declaring it's official -- summer has come to stay. In staunch denial of any chill in the air or stalled summer weather Hubby and I christened our pool. We donned our suits (well I did -- hubby improvised with cotton gym shorts) and took the plunge - figuratively and literally!

When Hubby suggested the after work swim, I reserved my answer until I tested the water. Hubby and I have different ideas of what constitutes warm, hot and cold. Basically everything to Hubby is "too warm". I on the other hand am always cold and have the dog sitting on my feet. Timidly I dipped my foot into the water. I cringed. The air was chilly and the water didn't feel much better. Hubby had his exasperated face on - warning that he didn't know how I was going to ever swim in the pool because the temperature was already over 82 degrees. I decided to bite the bullet, and walk on the wild side. "Let's do it!" That being said -- where the heck were our suits?

I walked proudly to the pool, head held high, fearless and determined. I dropped my towel and - holding my breath - walked without hesitation into the warm (ha!) water. Hubby was already playing Flipper. To my surprise, my aires were needless -- the water was indeed warm and soothing and it didn't take long to exhale all of the pride, determination and courage I had summoned and simply r e l a x. Any cares I had dissolved and I could feel myself being wrapped in that old familiar blanket of peace.

Moral(s) of the story:
Ready or not, take the plunge.
Just say Yes!
Store your swimsuit in a place you will remember.
Try your bathing suit on before swimsuit season; or get on your knees and give thanks for super stretchy fabric. I did.
Swimming makes you feel like you are on vacation -- but cheaper.
Bonus: salt water makes your feet soft!


  1. "Store your swimsuit in a place you'll remember."

    I should have heard that one earlier. Haha. I have no idea where mine is. :)

  2. Yup, sometimes when I'm not ready to 'take the plunge' into the salt pool I just dip my feet in the shallow end and let the soothing salt water do its work! Yup - a mini personal foot pedicure to - as you say - soften the feet. And the salt water DOES do that!


  3. Nothing better than a day spent lounging by the pool.


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