Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turning Up the Heat

Wish I had a picture of hubby's controlled-anguished face as he ate his dinner - and tried his best to hide the fact that he mistakenly used red hot chili powder (the kind we buy for our Indian food) in his new chicken rub recipe. He had even generously added some to the rice before discovering how spicy and hot it was. Where did we put that fire extinguisher?

He was apologetic from the get go. When I walked in the door, he headed me off at the pass and told me that the juicy barbecued chicken on the plate was SUPER spicy. I love heat -- but the chicken tested my limits. We both giggled our way through dinner ... neither of us wanting to be defeated by the heat. Our noses ran, we drank ridiculous amounts of water and sweated our way through the meal. But we made it! Hubby thought a big bowl of ice cream would be an appropriate remedy ...

I was just grateful to have dinner cooked for me ... and hey, it doesn't hurt to turn up the heat once in a while. Now pass the kleenex will you!

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