Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Warm, breezy air, clear blue skies and sunshine ... a rare sparkle of the day. We headed to the lakefront for a walk in the park. Fritz studied us anxiously as we tied up our shoes and followed us to the door. Looking up at us with his best pathetic puppy face and widest eyes, his nubby little tail wiggling, I used the magic word -- park. This triggered an spasmodic episode of epic proportions with leaping, twirling in circles, and yelping. We were off!

Apparently alot of people had the same clever idea. Everywhere I looked I saw heartwarming scenes: children laughing as they hung from climbers; dad's throwing balls with their kids; lovers cuddling on park benches; families spread out on blankets enjoying picnics; elderly couples strolling leisurely arm in arm; kids skipping rocks on the shoreline; people walking dogs - dogs walking their owners. Newlyweds posed lovingly, flirting with the camera as their milestone day was captured.

We live in one of the most picturesque towns in the country and hubby and I try to make a point of soaking up its beauty every chance we get. I have a special love of the water and one of my favourite things to do is to sit lakeside and watch the boats as they come and go. I feel a pull to the water and as long as I was old enough to do so, the river or lakefront is where I headed when I needed to think or clear my head.

I had my camera with me of course and the day and the setting was perfect for photography. When I saw something worthy of a shot, I simply handed hubby the leash and the bag of poop (he loved that) and snapped happily.

We capped our day with a dip in the pool. A walk in the park and a dip in the pool --- doesn't get better than that!

The fruits of my labour ...


  1. Good days work, by the look of it...

  2. The water draws me as well- so relaxing and captivating.

    The orange flower picture is truly fantastic. I love the way the color just pops.


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