Friday, July 10, 2009

You Are So Beautiful

Tonight Adventure Girl treated me to a Joe Cocker concert. It was a regular date... leisurely dinner and drinks on the patio of a quaint little Italian restaurant and then the concert. We got lost in the laughing and life chats and by the time we got around to checking the time - we had barely 20 minutes before the concert started.

As we settled into our seats, happily chatting, and gushing about our perfect timing - the lights dimmed. When Joe Cocker strode on stage, the audience assumed its collective personality. The calling out to Joe, the spontaneous ejections from the seats accompanied by swaying hands in the air (all men btw), and the whistles and cheers made the verdict unanimous -- this crowd loved Joe Cocker.

Adventure Girl and I were not avid fans -- we were familiar with a few of his tunes, mostly from the 70's but basically AG had bought them for someone special and that person wasn't so special any more -- so I was the stand in date. I think it was for the best... AG was sitting beside double trouble -- 2 women who were totally smitten wit h Joe and kept telling him so ... from our seats in the balcony. Their passion was admirable. I was sitting beside Billy Bob Thornton (look alike) and his posse who "hated the slow crap", kept better time with their hands and feet than the percussionist and could hit the high notes better (and louder) than Joe. It was OK though cause every time Joe grappled with a note, they filled in for him and coaxed him along (again -- from the balcony) - and always during a ballad. Adventure Girl and I were in stitches the whole concert watching the mini dramas all around us as well as the show on the stage.

As we drove home we agreed that the night had been fun, another addition for the memory book. We just couldn't decide what was better - the show on stage - or the one in the stands.

Thank you Adventure Girl for a really fun night.

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