Sunday, September 13, 2009

Journey is the Destination

I can't get Africa out of my mind. Our trip is months away yet I can't help thinking about it. I close my eyes, put my head back and slow my breathing ... I create a pallet (based on every image I have ever seen) so vivid, I can almost smell Africa. I can hear breezes rustling through acacia trees ... and the night time sounds from a far away, majestic continent.

I seek and need the lessons Africa can teach me. This little adventure that Kidlet and I are embarking - on has become more focused now that we have added the goal of raising money to have a new school built. We haven't launched our campaign yet ... but we can't wait to get started. Daughter Harmony is also having a milestone birthday - turning 25 in November - and has joined our quest, Milestones for Education.

With ten months ahead of me, I have lots of time to gnaw on that bone, and savour every delectable drop of marrow. And for, the planning and anticipating is as much fun as the actual doing. You know the adage - the journey is the destination.

Although I am supremely more interested in the people and culture of Africa than the animal life - I have a dream of seeing elephants up close and personal, in their natural habitat. Don't get me wrong ... I love nature and I am eager to experience the wildlife, I am just MORE interested in the people. I am reading Water for Elephants and my mind keeps wandering off at every mention of Rosie the elephant.

I think I am in for a ten month daydream ...

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I wrote several posts leading up to our trip that we took last May.
    Every trip is the same, starting as a dream, planning, booking, planning more, reading and mostly dreaming.
    Time will fly! but i think you'd rather it not, more time to anticipate.
    Where are you going? which country(s)?


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