Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enjoying the Journey ...

Tonight as I happily chomped on my stir fried veggies, my friend from Ottawa called me to lodge a complaint.

A while back he called me early one Saturday morning to share some exciting news; he was selling his old Victorian semi and buying a super cool loft in an old building in the downtown core. As we spoke, I found the link to the condo online and we walked through all of the features and rooms together; chatting - heady with the possibilities. Then my typically cynical friend started to get cold feet; he didn't want to get too excited just in case: "What if I don't sell my place? Something could happen ... The owners could back out ... " whispered his inner pessimist.

I offered up a heaping plateful of home cooked Lyn advice:

Let yourself enjoy this. Go with it!
Share and revel in the joy and anticipation you are feeling.
If something happens and the deal falls through,
you are going to be disappointed regardless ...
At least you will have had some fun.
Why deprive yourself of that?
(I apply that same logic to all of life's adventures -- including pregnancy. I could never understand how keeping it to myself for three months would make a miscarriage easier to bear).

Now - back to the complaint. He lost the deal. The owners of the loft he was buying were offered a firm deal and asked my friend to firm up his conditional (upon sale of his house) offer. My friend did not feel confident that he could sell his house in time (the offer on his house was conditional upon the buyers selling their house). Thus he did not firm up. Thus he lost the deal. Thus he called to complain that he wished he hadn't taken my advice. Cry me a river!

I reminded him of all of the fun phone calls we had shared, hypothetically decorating his new place, discussing the parties he would have, and how cool it would be to be withing walking distance to the Arts Centre. I heard laughter on the other end of the line and he finally relented. Yes it was, and had been fun! It had been an exciting few months. Music to my ears.

It's all about learning to love and enjoy the journey. The destination -- well that could be cool too. But if you never arrive - no worries. Life is unfolding along the way ... perfectly.

Now how the heck do I get this spinach out of my teeth??

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