Friday, October 23, 2009

Comforting Day Off

It's my compressed day off and what's a girl to do?!
Well the weather is a typical blustery dismal day -- rainy and gray. So I  satisfied my urge for oatmeal cookies by baking some. Yup - just expressing my Betty Crocker side ...

One of the best parts (well maybe not the best...) of being a grown up is licking the bowl -- no one to share it with. As kids we used to argue over who could like the spoons and best of all -- the bowl. Usually my mom made two of us share that prize! So of course by the time I licked the raw cookie dough off off the wooden spoon, the spatula AND the bowl -- I didn't need lunch, and I couldn't even entertain the thought of it.

Meatloaf is baking in the oven and the residual smell of the cookies is still wafting. What a perfect way to spend a chilly day -- all cosy and warm, looking forward to comfort food. Lucky me - it's been a comforting day off.


  1. My sister and I also had to share licking the spoons/bowls - and I have to agree, this is one of the benefits of being an adult let loose in the kitchen! Nothing like comfort food on a dismal day.. enjoy :)

  2. Hi Stranger!

    What a wonderful, yummy way to spend a Friday! Lucky you!

    I've missed so many of your posts. They're ALL terrific!



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