Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Back

It's been a strange autumn ... almost as though fall is holding back.  By now the streets would be lined with trees - leaves ablaze with crimson and orange. Instead we have indecision. One side of my street has stubborn trees fully green, while the other side has trees half dressed with yellowish leaves (and piles of shedded, dead ones). The usual blaze of glory is missing ... and in its place a whimpering retreat.

I think I am in the same state as autumn. On one hand I am so ready to leave summer behind and embrace the new cooler season - and sweater weather! On the other hand, I dread getting out of bed when it freezing cold outside (and inside) and going to work when it is still dark out. I haven't done anything outside to get the yard ready for winter. Petrified flowers and unpicked frozen tomatoes are still in their pots, the flower beds are full of remnants of this year's blooms and our shrubs and bushes need some serious trimmng.

So part of me is somewhat relieved that the warmer temperatures have returned and autunm is dragging its feet. Cause I am dragging mine!


  1. Oh, this is fabulous, Lyn!!! I love the way you make the connection...personifying autumn! And such a beautiful photo!!!! Thanks so much for sharing my joy with me!!!! You are a really, really, wonderful friend!!!! Love to you~Janine XO

  2. And I'm pretty sure, you aren't the only one!


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