Saturday, October 10, 2009

Giving More Thanks

Today was the perfect start to the Thanksgiving long weekend. We woke up to the kind of crisp, sunny fall day we all wish for, and decided not to waste it. Chores be darned! We did a quick vaccuum, sprayed some furniture polish about, swirled the toilet bowl brush around and called it clean. We headed out to a local country fall fair.

Cool air with wisps of wood burning mingled with the musky odour of manure. Row upon row of red, blue and green ribbons plastered on endless jars of jams, pickles, and preserves. Horse pulls, livestock showings and dairy displays. And happy, relaxed, people with families in tow, enjoying the simple pleasures of  their rural community.

We spent the afternoon, hand in hand, drinking in the rustic pleasures as we walked about ... before heading off to our first Thanksgiving dinner at hubby's parents. We ended our day in relaxed, quiet conversation with our family ... bellies full and contented  and hearts equally so.

I am grateful for
  1. the changing seasons that brings us new gifts.
  2. the peace that comes with each deep breath of fresh air.
  3. the loving, smiling faces that I sat across from at dinner tonight - and for the ones I will - tomorrow.
  4. cherry pie.
  5. the smell of turkey roasting.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lyn, it's my favorite time of year. Your posts on it are just lovely. It's always good to count our blessings.


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