Monday, October 26, 2009

Haze of Glory

With just a few days left in October, and our autumn about to to out in a blaze of glory, I can't resist squeezing in another post  about fall. Afterall, I owe it to my favourite season...

For us Canadians, weather plays a dominant role in our lives. We talk about it, think about it and complain about it ALOT. We have the Weather Network shortcut on our desktops; we tune into the weather forecast that follows our 11 PM newscast so we can plan how many sweaters we need to wear the next day or see if we need extra time getting to work. The same goes for our seasons ... they are always the top of conversation.

Autumn is special. It sneaks in as summer fades; its arrival - discreet. Then there comes the morning when you step out into the dark, damp chill to find everything covered in a dusting of frost.  Autumn is like a party girl -- arriving quietly and then bursting out in a flambuoyant show of personality and colour, fast and furious - and fading before the party ends. By the time the leaves complete their spectacular transition, you have but a few days to take the beauty in. You can't delay taking that shot you want to capture ... the magnificent foliage is fleeting. And that is why autumn is special. It teaches us to live fully in the moment and appreciate that which we have NOW.

Any day now, all of our trees will be bleak and bare ... but only for a short while ... until they are blanketed with snow. But that will be another post ....

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  1. Lately the weather has been perfect here, not too hot, and not freezing. I'm dreading losing this, and only consoled by thoughts of Christmas and next year...


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