Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking for the Light

It's shocking, and unfathomable - the rape of a fifteen year old child. That would be bad enough, but it gets worse - she was gang raped by 10 boys while another 10 people stood by and watched ... for two and a half hours.

The topic of Larry King`s show tonight was about how this could happen; he had experts talking about the neurological and societal causes of such horrendous crimes. All the talk about mirror neurons and emotional intelligence made my head spin.

It's shocking, and unfathomable. It`s pure evil. And we have to ask ourselves what kind of society we are becoming, and what kind to we want to be.  What made it OK for these  boys to assault - brutalize - and almost kill a young girl so brazenly, out in the open air, in front of an audience.

There have been similar acts of epic evil in history,  in the not so distant history and sadly, in the present. Genocide and acts of oppression and violence are the stark reality for many - especially women - around the world. Rape is an act of  power and when it is a widespread practice, it is a crime against humanity. That`s what this was -- a crime against humanity.

It is overt acts of evil like this that make us hang our heads just a little and feel a collective sense of shame; shame in knowing that humankind is capable of such violence and immorality.

And that is the complexity of the human race; we are capable of committing the greatest acts of evil as well as extending the most magnificent gestures of love, kindness and generosity. Might we use these reminders to embrace the light, and as inspiration to live to our highest good ...

And let`s whisper a healing prayer for the little girl who lies in a hospital bed tonight and who will have a long journey ahead, to heal not only her body, but her spirit as well...


  1. God, that's so true. It's one of those things we often forget, but it is wrong, cruel and, like you said pure evil. Gang rape, cyber bullying, emotional abuse are all so commen these days among teens and it's something that many, sadly turn a blind eye on. Thanks for not letting it hide behind a curtain. Once it's known to the world, things can change.

  2. Oh Lyn.... You say everything perfectly... I'm constantly in awe of you. You = Amazing.

  3. I saw this in the news. I am praying for her Lyn, it's hard to comment. Just tragic.

  4. Definitely praying for this young girl. Also taking some time to pray for the lives of the young men involved in such a horrific event.


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