Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh to Dance!

I'm addicted. I promised myself that I wouldn't get sucked in this season, but I did. I am out, openly admitting that I am a fan of Dancing With the Stars. Maybe it's because it gives a glimpse of dance not of our era; I don't know many men - or women - my age who know the fine art of waltzing, jiving or the polka.

We sit on the sidelines at weddings watching the other generation  twirl, swirl and glide smoothly as they cover the floor. Either that or we attempt to dance a slow song by gripping our partner and alternating between swaying and stepping in unison or bouncing up and down to the rhythm. What's a few bruised toes?

I can remember learning basic ballroom steps in gym class. Not sure the boys had dance in their cirriculum. My best friend Jill was the boy and I was the girl as we learned how to square dance, waltz, cha cha and foxtrot - all in sweatpants and sneakers. I think we even learned to "hustle". Poor Jill had trouble years later - she had learned everything backwards and how to lead - not follow. Maybe when I get the urge to dance, I should call her up ...

Kidlet and I are getting good at critiquing the dancers -- their form, energy and commitment. Maybe the biggest reason I like watching Dancing With the Stars - is that I watch it with Kidlet. It is one of the rare shows we both love and can share.

Tonight is the results show so I will close now and indulge my guilty pleasure.


  1. This is one of the few shows my dad and I agree on too...

    He'd probably kill me for saying that. ;)

  2. That's funny! I have not gotten into that show, but I admit to having an obsession with American Idol. Guilty pleasures are the best!

  3. Dancing is so beautiful!!! No wonder you are entranced!! It is an exquisit art form!!! And I adore it!!! Enjoy...without the guilt ;-) Love you!!! Janine XO


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