Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reading Vacay

I fed my guilty pleasure this weekend. I squeezed in hours of reading, not for business or self help, but purely for the pleasure of it. It's been a long while since I've given myself such a gift - probably since my last vacation - or plane ride.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is finished. It rests on the coffee table while I allow the story to sink in; while I silently bid farewell to the heroic characters that were alive to me, and who I grew so very attached to ...

At the risk of turning into a book review, I sing this book's praises (maybe I should just murmur its praises -- I can't even carry a tune). It was written by Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner; both books were set in Afganistan. A Thousand Spendid Suns is a delicious epic about love, friendship, oppression, war, family and life in Afghanistan, told through the lives of two women. I shed a tear or two while devouring this book - and devour it I did. When I find a novel I thoroughly enjoy, I immerse myself in it, preferring to plough through it  - rereading favourite sections - in one or two sittings. After gluttonously consuming chapter after chapter, losing myself in the sheer pleasure of it all - panic starts to creep in .... I don't want the story to end. It's a contradiction to be sure.

Nothing relaxes me more than reading; my body is still and quiet while my mind is involved in another reality. So maybe that is the reason that I am ending this weekend on such a contented, laid back note.

So many many books - so little time. I just decided that I am going to indulge myself a lot more often.  And that is a promise.


  1. This is still on my list, why does it not move up I wonder, it's gotten so many wonderful reviews. I think someone sneaks in and adds to my pile. ;)
    glad you enjoyed it Lyn,
    reading does offer so many rewards. I love to read too. I love books.

  2. I understand, completely. It is a gift, indeed, to just read purely for pleasure! I noticed on your profile, how many of your favourite books coincided with mine. I loved A Thousand Splendid Sun - and cried through it, too! Have you read The Kite Runner?

  3. Karen: Yes, I read the Kite Runner a few years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. I love reading books that are set in countries/cultures/ settings different from my own.

    Lori: I have a pile of 8 books to read that were gifts from last Christmas and my bithday which is partly why I set a goal to work my way down the pile. What a pleasure it is!

  4. Ooh, I've wanted to read that book for ages. I loved The Kite Runner. I just have such a collection of books that I've not bought any for a while. Books are such a sweet escape.


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