Friday, February 26, 2010

Doggonit - An Unexpected Surprise

He's regally plopped on a cushion, nestled into a corner of the couch giving me the stare down. His dark little eyes track the spoon from my yoghurt to my mouth.

"No, this is not for you. Eat your own food".

He follows at my heels no matter where I go in the house. I think he is confused as to why I am home. I am clearly disturbing his routine.

" I have a day off, OK? And no, I don't want your bone."

I like animals but I am not what you would describe as a dog person. This little schnauzer of ours was an impromptu addition to our family, bought just months after hubby and I got married.  I should add that hubby and Kidlet conspired; we had not discussed getting a dog, but apparently they got sidetracked on what was supposed to be an outing to the arcade. [Hubby lost his beloved dog just weeks before our wedding and it hit him hard. He IS a dog person - thus my nickname for him - Dr. Doolittle.]

I came home from work to Kidlet and hubby fawning over what looked to be a soaking wet rat. I was confused. What trap had they sprung this creature from?

"What is that? Whose is it? Really -- where did it come from?"

Kidlet  thrust IT into  my hands in quick response. I was speechless. It was November - not ideal weather conditions for late night potty runs. Kidlet rattled off the highlights ... we know you like girls better; she was the cutest one of the litter; she fell in love with us the minute we picked her up; she's non-allergenic, hubby misses his dog .... and so on. IT was a standard, female schnauzer.

"That's fine. You brought her home so she is your responsibility." We agreed on a solid German name with a girlie flair -- IT would be known as Fritizie.

I tried hard not to like the dog. I reminded Kidlet and hubby as often as I could that Fritzie was their pet. But that darn dog worked me good, pulling out the charm and affection to win me over. Behind every door sat Fritizie, sitting up oh so pretty with pleading eyes that begged, "please love me". What's a girl to do? We women folk have to stick together.

It's been over four years now and I have become a reluctant dog person. Fritzie turned out to be a Fritz and a mini - not a standard schanuzer. That's what impromptu pet purchases deliver -- surprises!

So with Kidlet busy with her own interests and the other girls moved out and all grown up, it's just Fritz sleeping on my feet these days. And no matter what kind of day I have had, I can always count on a colossal frenzied, homecoming from this little furball. He may not be well trained (I need the dog whisperer), and he is a whole lot yappy, but I have grown to love this dog with the wise eyes and button nose.

"OK Fritz, TREAT!"

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  1. I have a feeling that a few years down the road you'll find a startlingly similar post on my blog. Kyle is a dog person to the extreme. I am not. But I guess I'm going to have to be, b/c he's determined to have at least one, if not a zoo full. ;)

    I'm glad things worked out with you and Fritz. :) Animals just have a way of working their way into our hearts, don't they?

  2. I AM a dog person. That face is adorable!

  3. Ha ha ha! how adorable, Lyn, you are such a wonderful writer.
    I think i could have written this too. I love dogs, as long as they are some one else's responsibility.

    i can see our little owen (who was supposed to be my daughters) working his way on me too. still, i can't belive it, another thing to care for when i was facing an empty nest after 30 years (next month) of child raising. life surely makes plans for us when we're not looking doesn't it?

  4. An adorable pic of sweet Fritzie! (Yes, spoken as the true dog fanatic I AM I AM ...)

  5. Carrie - good luck with that! :)

    Jon - I know you do!

    She Writes (Amy) - He is adorable ... Fritz says thanks.

    Lori - Exactly! I was looking forward to a few years without care giver responsibilities .. but as you say - life has a way of making plans for us ...

    Shirley (MIH) - you're the grandma so you're biased!

  6. Ah yes the dog discussion... Youngest went on and on and on about we needed a replacement dog after our old one died. No, worked for about a year, then maybe, then alright then as long as we share the care.....
    So now my beloved rescue Alsation ( good in the house, still bad out walking!) sits at my feet and is in every room I'm in.
    They are good friends and yours looks a little sweetie.


  7. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that dog wearing pyjamas? LOL :)

  8. I am a dog lover ... took over a year to find my replacement dog - 65 lbs of snuggle from the SPCA - big, but definitely too cute and loveable to leave in the kennel!! He is snuggled up at my feet right at the base of my chair - if I even breathe heavily his head is up wondering what's up? Less expensive than kids, more work some days, but a great companion and a fabulous motivator for running!!


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