Saturday, April 3, 2010

Night of the Morning After

I've had a busy few days. It takes alot of time and energy to turn 50 - if you do it properly. For my milestone birthday - any excuse to be self indulgent - I wanted a special gift. I wanted to be surrounded by people (and dog) I love; I wanted to immerse myself in their warmth and drink in their kindness. I wanted to prepare a feast (remember -- nothing says I love you like dinner) as a ginormous THANK YOU to these souls who accompany me on my journey. I wanted to say what often goes unexpressed -- that I am so grateful to have the friends and family in my life that I do, and a night doesn't go by when I don't drift to sleep counting my blessings (works better than sheep).

Hi there my dear family and chosen family,

It’s almost the end of March and that means that I will soon have a birthday. I have a very special group of people with whom I share my life and whose love and support is a blessing to me. You are an important part of that group. I would be honoured if you could come by our place on Friday, April 2nd around 4-4:30 pm so I (we) can cook you dinner and show my appreciation while I still have my faculties. It would make a Good Friday spectacular and it would give my birthday special meaning.

I also know that for some of you, this is a busy time of year. The Easter Bunny has already sent regrets. I know a few husbands also have birthdays to celebrate and Cousin Pastor may have church duties so please understand that this invitation is not meant to be an obligation. If you are free to come, I would love it. If not, I know you would if you could and that is good enough for me. You’ll just miss out on my live acoustic performances of the entire John Denver collection.

There is nothing to bring. Hubby and I will have lots of delicious food for every palate ... and maybe even some fish for the Catholics in the tribe. : ) Of course the Jewish contingent will just be coming off of Passover so its matzo for them! Daughter may even make me an organic, gluten free, sugarless, bran boosted Duncan Hines natural vanilla birthday cake! If you have any extra candles kicking about the joint, please bring them along .... we’re gonna need them!
So that's what I did. I invited and they came. With hubby's help, our home burst with the amplitude of spirited chatter, teasing, laughter and so many hugs exchanged you would like you were at a Greek wedding, The feast was bountiful and devoured by guests who sang praised between appreciative mouthfuls and sips. I floated and flitted amongst them, bantering, listening, lingering, observing in awe, drinking in the heady nectar of unconditional love -  the biproduct of true friends and a close family. My eldest daughter baked me my favourite vanilla cake (yes, I am THAT boring) and as I was serenaded by a mostly on key, unintentional many-part-harmony rendition of Happy Birthday, my heart was  full to overflowing.

 It was the most spectacular gift- one that included the particpation of many. And if I think too long and hard about it, my throat thickens and my eyes fill.

For me, this Good Friday was great. Life is good.

Thank you.


  1. I'm so glad your birthday went well, Lyn. You deserve nothing but the best!

  2. that was beautifully written lyn, you are a very special person. it sounds like the perfect celebration with friends and family.

  3. I got goose bumps reading this post Lyn. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. It is a testament to how lovely you are that all wanted to come.
    Here's to the next 50!

  4. Oh, Happy, happy, happy Birthday, dear Lyn!!! I'm so sorry I missed it!!! But I send you my belated wishes and much, much love!!! Your Birthday celebration sounds perfect, and you have described your love, your friends and family and your heart so beautifully! You are simply an extraordinary and lovely addition to being a fabulous photographer and writer! Happy Birthday! Happy Easter! ~Janine XO

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Lyn!

  6. Happy, happy birthday to you Lyn! You are such a fantastic writer, I felt that I could taste that yummy vanilla cake and hear all of the wonderful conversation you mentioned.
    I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and commented so that I could take a peek in your life through your blog. :)


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