Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

When last I was at the cottage, the cooler autumn air had moved in however the leaves were still decked out in lush green finery, save the odd crimson maple leaf. Something I have been thoroughly enjoying is the endless array of photography opportunities and as I lay stretched out on the dock, I imagined how great it was going to be to capture the colourful autumn splendour. It was not to be.

During the weeks that have passed since that notion on the dock, autumn arrived along with high winds and was pretty much out the door by the time we landed back up North this weekend. The trees lining the lane way were mostly bare with only a few tops dusted in burnt orange and yellows. My dream of experiencing my favourite season at my favourite special haven will have to wait. But there was still beauty to be found.
Dock in Hibernation

Designer Wood

Autumn Skies

Birches in Waiting
So I went up North hoping for something - and getting something different - but it was all good. The weekend served up two perfect days of clear, crisp sunny weather; for the first time ever we had hot water (yippee) and I even managed a shower in the claw tub. Hubby kept the fire burning and we even got the temps up in the cottage up past 9 degrees Celsius -[translation] we couldn't see our breath. Lots of hard work chopping and piling wood and lots of time to reflect, read and be with Hubby and Fritz.

Hope wherever you are, that your weekend was filled with the beauty of the season - even if it wasn't quite what you expected.


  1. We went up to the cottage for Thanksgiving and the colour was over even then. But how right you are to find the beauty in the present suroundings. Loved your post Lyn!

  2. Yes so beautiful indeed. How I would love to visit there, I can hear how much you enjoy it.

    Have a wonderful week ahead Lyn!

  3. Wow - it looks like winter! Sorry you missed the beautiful autumn leavers, but it looks gorgeous anyway. And I'm THRILLED you got hot water and it wasn't absolutely freezing, because it's getting colder up North and I sure don't want you to freeze!

  4. Beautiful pictures, as usual!

  5. Great pics!

    The one thing I miss, living on the prairies, is the bright red of autumn in Ontario — big old Maples and Oaks. Everything out here is yellow or brown, with a rare dark red bush here or there. I tried transplanting some Oaks from my parents' place, but we had an infestation of canker worms, and my babies got chewed up. Sigh!

  6. I missed this post last fall, but it popped up in the recommended posts section at the bottom of a newer one. These photos are absolutely beautiful!


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