Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colour of Contentment

Perfect. That was today. I had been feeling out of sorts this past week; the trees were shedding their colour so quickly with more and more crimson and oranges every day - and I hadn't captured a single shot.

That changed with our outing today. The sun was brilliant; the skies were clear and deep sea blue. The air was crisp with that autumn sweater weather and when you breathed deeply you could pick up just a hint of wood burning. Like I said - it was perfect. Thank you for this gift of perfect weather.

Hubby and I hit the road and headed north to the Erin Fall Fair - or should I say we ate our way through the Erin Fair! Gargantuan pumpkins; goats, cows. horses, stretchy pants, trucker hats, local entertainment (guitar pickin, tie dyed sweat pants wearing, jovial singers belting out country tunes), hand stitched quilts, bratwurst, ferris wheels and homemade maple walnut fudge! We bought half a pound and devoured most of it as we strolled the grounds.

We walked the quaint main street of the village soaking up everything autumn. By then the fudge was starting to crystallize in my tummy.  I wondered if chanting "bran, bran, bran" silently as I chomped would help neutralize the effects? Mind over matter to the test.

There is nothing like a Fall Fair to get me in the mood for Thanksgiving. And nothing more romantic than sharing a block of fudge with someone you love. Tomorrow we will cook a feast for the family I love so much and our house will fill will the clatter and chatter that only our famjams can muster and then the next day, we will count our blessings yet again over turkey with MIH and the rest of my other family. So much and so many to be grateful for.

Colour me contented! Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving my friends.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Those pictures! I lost it over that goat's face. And Tinman!

  2. Awesome shots DIH ! Once again, you've totally captured the real picture of living life fully...

    Luv ya,

  3. Great post Lyn, good to know that the cloud has lifeted so those blue skies are shinning through in you.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
    BTW I once took a goat for a walk to my local pub and the landlady gave her a packet of peanuts when she put her hooves on the bar!

  4. happy Canadian thanksgiving to you.. sounds gorgeous, hope you have a fabulous family time, and that the cough is much better by now :)


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