Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cough, Sputter and Spit

Oh yes - tis the season whilst while out and about, sounds of coughing fill the air. The only problem is - I am the one doing the coughing. It's going on two months now. I am driving my co-workers and hubby nuts with the persistent hacking and sputtering and the  "pardon me" and "so sorry" that follows.

I've done the responsible thing and sought medical attention. Today I managed to read half a novel as I sat sentry in the clinic waiting room, waiting to see my family physician. The room was packed with wheezing, sneezing, nose blowing, choking patients. Tis the season.

Finally  they called my name and escorted me to the inner sanctum of my doctor's office - a small gesture of hope and escalation. There's not much to do as you wait. The room is devoid of reading material except for the posters on the wall touting the benefits of being vaccinated for traveller's diarrhea and the medical complications of diabetes. My eyes scanned the walls, and the shelves; there's nothing to do but stare. The office looked a little tired. My stare fixed on the metal stirrups. Inhumane and undignified. Cold and sterile. They looked like they belong in a metalworks shop - not a medical office. So glad I wasn't there for that ...

Finally the doc breezed in and whipped out the tools of the trade; questioning me as he looked in my ears, up my nose, in my mouth and listened to my breathing. He commented on my nose debris - to which I responded with "well that's romantic". I explained that my sexy hoarse voice was not my own and his eyebrows raised. "It's not? hmmmmmm"

Prescription in hand and yet another $50 out of pocket and I am on the road to being hackless. Hopefully. I'm bringing sexy back.   : )


  1. This post was entertaining, thanks for the laugh (not at you being sick but your descriptions of your doctor visit!) My boss is just now getting over a terrible flu and I keep knocking on wood that my time won't come this year.
    The hacking cough that remains for weeks after is the worst!! Hopefully you'll be free and clear in time to enjoy this weekend!

  2. Get well soon Lyn! that's a long time to be feeling out of sorts, poor thing.

    I've just caught up with you, We Day must have been fantastic! what an experiance for you (love the photo), meeting friends, your girl there too! amazing.

    have a great weekend!

  3. Do you think it's an age thing,or a climate change thing, cause these bugs seem to hang around far longer then they're welcome nowadays.
    Get better soon.

  4. Hope your feeling better soon :)

  5. Happy to hear you took time and made the 'dreaded doctor' visit. Let's hope the meds knock that cough flat on its *** and you feel chipper and healthy again REAL SOON! Hmmmmmm - something to be said about that sexy hoarse voice....


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