Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Self - With Love

Dear Self,
I have been wanting to write to you for a while now, to remind you of a promise to made to yourself. You have been fifty for more than six months now and you had wanted this to be the year you got fit and healthy. I noticed that you have been complaining alot lately about your stiff and sore joints. You had been on the right track, exercising regularly, eating healthy and things were really looking up. You almost found your waistline ... but I hate to break it to you -- you are way off course.

Let's start with the obvious ... do you like your chin? Which one? You are sporting a collection! And those extra flaps around your arms will come in handy should you become airborne - you'll surely land safely. Your waistline is once again MIA and you have muffin toppers on top of your muffin toppers. You have to suck in two big breaths to button up those jeans of yours -- and don't even think about exhaling. Belly fat has congregated around your middle and is holding a rally! I know how you hate the way your back cleavage rivals your front ... but what are you going to do about it?

You used to go to the gym three times a week and take noon hour strolls. Now you have planted your posterior in your seat for hours on end at work, and filed exercise in the bottom drawer. The result -- other than an a$$ flatter than a pancake -- is a general sluggishness about you. You are looking bloated, are experiencing pain, and I can tell that you feel stuck in a rut.

But I have known you all your life and I know that once you set goals for yourself, internalize them and then take those first steps towards them, you can achieve anything. I think you deserve to have your outside reflect your youthful, energetic, optimistic spirit. You will need your body for years to come to take you where you want to go, and to live the life you are creating for yourself. It's time to give yourself a gift of health and fitness.

So Self, I hope you don't mind me being direct with you; I thought you needed a swift and sturdy kick in the behind. But hey, it's all because I love you. Keep in touch.

Until next time, with love,


  1. ha ha cute...I should check in with my post-natal/not-so-newlywed-anymore self too!


  2. Lynda! Surely you have two selves, because the self I'm looking at in the pictures you've put up has no such collection of chins!

  3. Great post Lyn, ... get going, you can do it :)

  4. DIH,
    It's that time of year where the 'bulge' reminders hit us all. I love every inch of you, but understand where you're coming from. I am way overdue re a 'letter to self' as well....

  5. I agree with Jon - I've never notice more than one chin! However, getting healthy is always a good goal and one I'm working on myself. Now that I realize marriage makes you fat, I'm trying to get to the gym more, eat more veggies, and get more active.
    Good luck to you! Lunch-time walks are great. If your workplace is like mine you probably stare at a computer screen inside a windowless office.

  6. It's good to be kind to yourself... it's better for us all to have a happy you ;)

    best wishes for a healthy life

  7. Too funny! It's so great that you've taken the time to reevaluate the goals you set for yourself 6 months ago so that you can get a fresh start and finish off your 50th year on this planet on the right foot :) You can do it!


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