Friday, March 11, 2011

Give a Little

A while back I read a book that stamped a lasting imprint on my heart. Give a Little by Wendy Smith describes how the cumulative power of small donations made by everyday citizens can change the world. Like most, I get asked pretty much every day to donate, support, sponsor, give ... and most times if I felt that I don't have alot  to contribute, I have said no. The book argues that some is better than none, and that when you pool the pennies, it can add up and really make a difference.

So after months, I emerge from my haze of of procrastination, clear, inspired, and ready to act.  Give a Little has inspired me to do just that ... give a little, every week. Every Thursday I will seek out an organization or cause that strives to make a lasting impact or sustainable change and donate $5.00. I will be counting on my blogger community for suggestions!

To kick off my own personal give a little, I donated to wefeedback, This website is an initiative of the World Food Programme and provides a tool that  lets you enter the value of your favourite foods to calculate how many hungry kids could be fed with that donation. The $9.95 value of the butter chicken I ate last night can feed 39 children! With the scent of curry still faint on my skin, it wasn't hard to make that donation. Actually, it was kind of fun. I think I am going to like this new venture, and at the very least, I'm going to get an education.

It's easier to give it than live it.


  1. I'm especially guilty of not giving tiny amounts around Christmas when the bell ringers come out with their little red buckets. My thought is usually that the few bits of change in my pocket (I never carry much cash) wouldn't do much good.

    I would guess it's the same strain of thinking that makes most teens decline voting...


    Great post. I maintain that if half the world had a heart like yours we'd all be in better shape. ;)

  2. What a great post! There are a few charities that i support strongly and I too, have thought that my remaining 'little' is not enough to make a difference. You are right, the pennies do add up, so, now you have thrown down the gauntlet and I will also find a worthy group to donate $5 to each week.
    thanks for the nudge :)

  3. Carrie - I remember when you started Make a Difference Monday. I think we are on the same side!

    Cuz - I am thrilled that our healthy competitiveness (which I am sure is genetic) will help create much needed change. Thanks for picking up the gauntlet! XXOO

  4. Hi Lyn! I couldn't be happier that you were inspired by Give a Little! You should know that, without a doubt, your efforts will make a difference. And, by spreading the word about your giving, you'll create a ripple of additional giving that will change more lives for the better.

    We're creating a movement to inform, empower and inspire everyday donors to help transform the world. Join us on facebook at Give a Little.

    Congratulations - enjoy your giving. You're going to do good and feel GREAT!

    All best,
    Wendy Smith

  5. I don't know Carrie and I don't know if 'Make a Difference Monday' is an organized something, but I like the ring and I will take that one to my office and see if we can make a difference there too ...
    Lyn's cuz


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