Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Ice Screen

This is a perfect day -- a lazy, have-no-plans day - my favourite variety! It snowed all night and poor hubby was shovelling for almost 2 hours this morning. He has a different take on the snow. While I am all bundled up, drinking hot tea by the fire, expounding (writing) on the beauty to be found in the winter scene - he is breaking a sweat (not to mention his back) over a shovel. Thanks hubby.

Hubby came with me on a photo-find drive this morning and we drove to our favourite spot down at the harbour. I am always in awe how the harbour transforms from a bustling hub catering to boaters, tourists and locals who love their waterfront - into an icy, desolate vastland for ducks and geese who forgot to migrate south.

It was a special hour for hubby and I, looking and photographing the beauty in the ice and snow. Hubby was disappointed that he didn't have bread with him (he hadn't expected the birds to be there) and warned me that the next time he was bringing bread along to feed the birds - even though we aren't supposed to. He is my Dr. Doolittle. We didn't have to look hard to see beauty in the overcast grey morning. And that is like life -- if we just pay attention -- we will see a world filled with beauty -- and it is almost always found in small moments and simple things.

I have included a few of my shots in this post ...


  1. Lovely shots.. all icy and crisp.

    Ducks and geese really are far better off without bread in their guts. We too, fed them through the winter, and discovered that it was actually doing them harm, not good. It's the wrong food for their digestive tract. I sure do get the pang of wanting to though.

  2. Loved your Sunday adventure... and the fact you got hubby out of the house ;-)


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