Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dreaming of Africa

Photo: Free the Children

Kidlet has me thinking ... or should I say dreaming. She and her schoolmates worked for three years to raise funds to build a school in Africa. Now they have the opportunity to go to with Free the Children, Me to We to actually build the school. And they would like to have a parent to go along with the teachers. Kidlet knows that I have wanted to go to Africa for a long time now ... and she invited me along. We both agree that it is the opportunity of a lifetime. I asked her if she thought we would argue - after all, the trip is three weeks long -and she said no, we would need each other too much.

Now my head is spinning with images of Africa. The possibility of Africa.The satisfaction that comes with making a contribution. A dream fulfilled. The only thing standing between me and that trip is a whole lot of money. More soul searching required. The most appealing part of this whole trip is the opportunity to spend three weeks with Kidlet, sharing the adventure of a lifetime.

Kidlet said it best ... we would come home forever changed.
More soul searching required.


  1. Good luck with decision making! x

  2. Wow. That is the oppurtunity of a lifetime. I'd go for it! Chances like that don't come around every day.

  3. My Kidlet and I get along amazingly well on our together holidays ... I'd be there in a heartbeat! In my opinion, experiences are worth more than money and the opportunity to share a gift-giving like this with your kidlet is a rare one!

  4. you'd better get on that plane, or i'm gonna take your spot! It's clearly a dream come true- don't let the money be the reason you miss out. I will help you fundraise!

  5. Mmm ... I am really starting to envision us there. Harmony - I bet you would love to come too! Thanks for the show of support. Dreams can come true ...

  6. what a wonderful thing!!!! that is an opportunity of a lifetime!!! you will find a way because you want this dream to come true!
    thanks for your sweet comment! so glad you enjoy my art! that makes me happy....


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