Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Sleep

Where art thou sleep? Sleep has been eluding me lately - that nice deep, solid slumber that lasts from the time you close your eyes until you open them the next morning. Instead I have the kind of sleep in which you are awake enough to check the glowing time on the clock radio, hour after hour. The kind of anti-sleep in which you feel like you are awake all night - even though you know you must've slept??

Breathe deeply; slow breaths and exhales. Meditate. That project is due tomorrow. Shhh. Announcement: All thoughts, please vacate the premises. How is she going to survive after he goes? I should've called her tonight. Picture the ocean; hear the rhythmic rolling of the waves. The sun is beating down on ... I wish he didn't have to carry the worries of the family - the world on his shoulders. Breath in. B r e a t h o u t. Wish I hadn't drank that tea before bed. Sleep - you are invited to a sleep over ... my place! So much to think about -- but for now, I'd settle for a nice little snooze!


  1. I would have suggested meditating, but it seems you've already tried that. =]

    Thank you for the lovely comment about the header...I'd thought it was time for a change.

  2. I too have had many of these nights myself. I get up and write down all of my thoughts thinking this will help get them out of my head but they always seem to creep back in.

    Thoughts are such creepers.

    Here's to you getting a good nights rest tonight.


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