Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ready for Take-off

Kidlet is going on an adventure of a lifetime with her classmates. In the next few days she will fly off to Cost Rica for a 10 day cultural exchange in the rain forest region. She will volunteer in the local village that consists mainly of an indigenous tribe, teaching English, repairing the school building, playing with the children and learning about life in Costa Rica. We spent the day getting her prepared -- and so at this very moment, she is plopped in the middle of her unmade bed, sweat pants rolled up, bandanna tied around her head, amidst mounds of clothes she is packing, mounds of clothes she may take, and even more mounds that she has no intention of taking. Her suitcase lies half open covering the last little bit of floor real estate, the contents spilling out onto the many mounds! So much to be done and organized, so little time, yet she sits there - so carefree - happily tying hemp bracelets amid the utter disarray.

As seasoned travellers we have a tradition of carrying a very complete "contingency kit". I topped it up this weekend and left a small fortune at the drugstore but this kit can cure whatever ails you and provide that all important peace of mind.

So tonight as I end my wonderful weekend with a blog post, I marvel at the wonderful opportunities that are available to our children and how they so easily embrace the notion of a global village. They seem to understand that change will not come by waiting for some other person or some other time; that they are the ones, and now is the time.

I suppose they are ready for take-off -- now only if Kidlet was ...
PS Happy International Women's Day

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  1. Travelling medical kits are an age old institution, but it's a good job the wooden chests they used to come in are now redundant. Think of the excess baggage!


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