Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog Gonnit!

Poor Fritz! Our whirling, twirling bag of fur (AKA our schnauzer) hurt his front paw while on one of his frenzied escapades on the weekend. Hubby said it happened in a flash - fitting since Fritz does everything in a flash. Our tough little guy didn't make a peep though ... just limped along on three legs as he gingerly dangled his sore paw.

We tried all of the home remedies ... soaking it salt water, treating it with alcohol, keeping it wrapped and clean but today we had to come to grips that it may be something more than a broken nail.

So Kidlet drove while I held Fritz close -- and off we went to our neighbourhood vet. He knew something was awry. And I felt like a betrayer as I muzzled him so he could be examined. And even worse - when the vet took carried him into the operating room while I took care of the "paperwork". They explained that they would be giving us pain killers for which I said I was very grateful -- as I was sure they would help numb the pain of the bill. Apparently the pills are for the dog. Bummer.

Anyway - now I sit in waiting for my scruffy little furbag to return home as a conehead and I am sure alot less wired.

I do not consider myself a dog person ... but I can't explain either why I teared up - just a little - when they carried him away and he gave me the saddest, cutest dog face ever. I think maybe I love him - just a little - dog-gonnit!

Update: Paw not broken -- just a "de-gloved" claw that was indeed infected.


  1. Poor dear! I certainly hope he's feeling better.

  2. Poor Fritzie! Ella, Ribsy, & Mirabel all wag their hearts out for the guy, and wish him well during his Coneheaded days ahead.

  3. Awe, Fritzie baby.....
    I am glad you took him to the vet quickly. Fritz will be up and around before you know it, now that he's got the meds. It's hard to leave them at the vets when they are looking at you with those big eyes and pleading for you not to leave .. You did good mom!

  4. Awww-hope Fritz gets feeling better soon and can be back to his frisky self soon!

  5. Have you recovered from the vet's bill yet?

    Bentley & Normy send their love! :)


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