Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally, In the Pink

Is there a full moon out there? I swear, this week was laden with conflict ... static was electric in the air at every turn. There was acting out at work, at home, on the highways ... tensions ran high, as did voices - slightly elevated but sub shrill levels. There was a dark energy in our midst this week. My boss complained of plumbing emergencies in her spanking new bathroom (s'long new tiles); my colleague's father-in-law suffered a sudden health issue and is fighting for his life; my other colleague had to bid her hubby a sad farewell as his work took him to a faraway land for two months; negativity swirled around ... I think it was airborne.

Road rage, divorce issues, money, business problems, emotional jags, anger, frustration and arguments - a venerable potpourri of yuck! Maybe it's the humid weather. Maybe we're all tired. Or maybe it's a season of valleys right now -- teaching us all lessons we need to learn. It got so bad that it got good -- everyone was making jokes about "what could possibly happen next" ...

This morning when I left for work the sky was aglow in pink ... the spectacular sunrise was a perfect host and greeted me warmly. I stopped a snapped a shot. It set the tone for the rest of the day. It reminded me that every day marks the beginning of a new life -- new choices for fresh starts; a clean slate. I'm not sure but I think some of that pink rubbed off on me, cause I swear I look a little happier, a little rosier and if you look closely, you will see my glow.

UPDATE: Just to make sure, all of the yuck was gone, Mother Nature roared and stormed through our region with some tornadoes in tow and cleared the air - but good! Twenty minutes later, the air was fresh, the atmosphere was stable and we were renewed. We were spared the tornadoes, but the people in the city north of Toronto weren't so lucky ...

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  1. Hi there, I am finally making a comment on your blog. I read it often, just don't say anything. I think your positive outlook on life, friends, foes, family is great. We saw your Dad and Theresa at the service for Murray on Wednesday and then last night Kim and I went to Sydney and took a stroll on the boardwalk (first time this summer) and guest who we bumped into??? yep, H&T - we sat and talked and walked and laughed. It was completely unexpected and pretty sweet.
    Keep writing, and smiling and loving and laughing.
    Harve xo :)


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