Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting Cold Feet - in August

OK - it's simply not natural to have cold feet (literally) in August. Yet I sit here indoors, sweater bearing, jeans wearing - in bare feet (rumour had it that it was still summer). And now I am going to have go in search of socks! I may have to grab a pair of those gloves with the missing fingertips as well so I can continue keying this post. Thankfully I can't see my breath ...

Maybe I am sounding a little cranky ... it could be I am resisting those not so subtle signs that the summer is quickly coming to a close and our days of leisurely, laid back, chillin' attitude are pretty much over. I just added Kidlet's hockey schedule to the website and her first tournament is the second week of September. Nothing more unnatural than donning a winter jacket in September to sit in a deep freeze for 90 minutes. When we were walking Fritz I notice the first maple leaves with a hint of red.

"Nooooo", I scream ever so silently as I fall to my knees clutching my chest. "Not yet! Pleeeze, I beg you -- don't go", I once again silently sob as the grief wells up in my throat.

OK, that didn't actually happen - but it could have! I am not quite ready to abandon my sandals, close up the pool, and trade my lazy days of summer vibe in for that "party is over lady and you better get your head in the game" attitude, required at work the moment summer vacation comes to an end. I am not ready to wear socks.

Which reminds me ... my feet are freezing; where are my socks?


  1. haha! you are funny, but i do know how you feel. we've had an unseasonably cold summer(and i've missed the entire summer this year being ill)so welcoming fall is going to be a bit hard!
    Better find those socks ☺

  2. Summer's ending down here as well. :/ I noticed the first cruching leaves blowing across the road just two days ago. It was a sad, sad sight.

  3. It's really not advisable to have cold feet. Next thing you know, you have colds.


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