Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye August

Goodbye August.

Thirty-one days never passed so quickly. We had some good times ... a few birthdays, lots of family dinners and barbecues ... and a funeral. I said goodbye to someone special and renewed some family ties. I made a commitment to make the second half of my life be about service, and giving back. I started dreaming big again. I set an ambitious goal and starting making some exciting plans for next summer.

So as the blooms on the flowers start to wilt, the green in the leaves gives way to crimson attire and the year sheds its summer, I am both grateful for the gifts and filled with anticipation of what September will bring.
God I love living in a land of seasons - and the changes that are guaranteed. But then again, life has seasons of its own -- and as I feel the impending shift in breezes, I welcome them.
Goodbye August.

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