Friday, August 21, 2009

Growing Up - Together

I am one of those fortunate few who can say they still have their best childhood friend in their life. I was barely twelve years old when this new girl from the city showed up in my grade six class - wearing the same outfit as me (my very attractive pantsuit was blue - hers was pink). Being the theatrical pre-teen that I was, I declared right then and there that she was destined to be my best friend. She didn't have a chance to consider any other candidates and if she was unsure, she didn't show it.

My parents used to tell us that if we managed to have one "good" friend in our lives, we would be lucky. And I have been. J has been my college roommate, my maiden of honour (more than once), my writing partner and my soul sister. As close as we were, our lives often veered off on different paths and to different places ... but our friendship never faltered.

I drove into the city today and met J in the Beaches ... our old meeting spot. We took up couch space in Starbucks as we caught up on our gossip news. We strolled the hip little neighbourhood, ducking into shops, happily chatting as we enjoyed the unexpected sunshine. Yes, Mother Nature smiled upon us today and we had a perfect weather day. After lunch on the outdoor patio, we wrapped up our day with a final walk on the beach. Did you know that topless sunbathing is legal now -- and not just for men!

Everyone needs someone who knew them as a child - who carries their history and memories. We all need someone who knows our heart and our dreams; who finishes our sentences; who plays John Denver just to be reminded of you; and who has exceptional taste in pantsuits.

That someone for me is J.


  1. Shared memories are a good cement for a friendship.

  2. It's always good to be back home again with you, Lyn.



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