Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shreds and Strands

A disjointed, oddball day ... weather wise and in other ways too.

Fritz's bandage came off today and he promptly rediscovered his sickly looking right paw. He was licking it as if it were a banana Popsicle (my favourite) so I had to put a sock on it. He has succeeded in soaking it right through. That can't taste good ... And another thing - how come it cost more to "re-examine" and remove his bandage (5 minutes) than to replace the bandage (10 minutes + new bandage)??

Sun. Clouds. Humidity. Torrential rain. And a 6 degree drop in temperature from start to finish on the commute home. Messy and strange.

Couldn't understand why my fresh air vents were emitting really hot air in spite of dropping temperatures and highway speeds that usually coax some cool air. Oh -- I HAD THE HEAT ON!
Wonder when I thought I needed that ... since it's been 30 degrees Celsius for the past few days.

Spent the entire night inputting Kidlet's hockey schedule into the team website ... and then the team manager emailed me to ask if he could be made an web administrator so he could get stuff added. Let's just say it got me off my keister.

Anyway - my blogging time had to be shared with the hockey team website. Where did the night go?


  1. Hey cuz ... glad Fritzy is mending - I missed what happened to him to cause his recent injury ... besides his near flight off the sofa - still laughing about that one :)

  2. I often ask myself the same thing - nights are often VERY short - as least, on the sleep stakes...

  3. banana popsicle .. my fav too ... why is that not a surprise? Just another example of DIH/MIH familiarities .... :-)



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