Monday, August 10, 2009

Tidbits and Updates

Lots of little bits of news from the tank ...

Fritz the flying schnauzer is almost healed and will be getting his third generation fluorescent bandage removed tomorrow. He's milked it long enough AND he desperately needs a bath.

Kidlet worked her first day in her first ever job. Phew! I am counting on her falling in love with pay cheques.

Kidlet's hockey season starts in two weeks and I just got the tournament schedule to post on the website. Gee, I better get my arena-wear ready so I can look my very best as I frequent those hallowed venues dedicated to Canada's national sport. Hello fleece-lined jeans!

Adventure Girl has opened an Etsy Shop to sell her painted works of art ... but I'm not allowed to talk about it until she gets better stuff posted. She's really come a long way since her first painting ... Stay tuned!

Hubby retired our 120 gallon saltwater aquarium - no easy task! That water, salt and sand had to go somewhere ... so now we have a beachside pool! Nemo and Boss (his two surviving, beloved fish) have a new home in a 29 gallon biocube. It's small enough to fit into hubby's cave so he can enjoy them as he works his compu-wizardry magic.

And finally -- as with all of life's mysteries ... there was a nugget of goodness that came out of my uncle's funeral last week. We reconnected with aunts, uncles and cousins we hadn't seen in a very long time -- some as long as 15 years. It was as if we had never been apart; we hugged, we caught up, we marvelled at our beautiful children, we reassured one another that we all looked great and that we hadn't changed a bit. : ) We left the hours of sadness with a sense of renewal and optimism for our family ... and that is the gift of life -- regeneration and renewal.

So that's it in a nutshell. I am off to renew myself -- with some shut eye!


  1. you never know the nice things about family until you don't see them anymore. And falling in love with paycheques can be dangerous methinks.

  2. First jobs are always quite the experience. Perhaps not always enjoyable...but hey. There's money involved. That automatically bumps it up from "misery" to "slight discomfort" at the very least. ;) Here's to hoping it works out wonderfully!

    And the fish are beautiful! :)


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