Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beans on Toast & Other Cures for a Wintry Day

Is there anything as comforting as good smells wafting from the kitchen - especially on the bitterly, blustery cold days of winter?  I love coming into the house and being greeted by the homey aroma of a chicken or roast cooking in the oven. It inspires me to take my boots off just that little bit quicker and head into the kitchen to check on (and sample) the progress.

Food is definitely a comfort - and sometimes it's something as simple as beans and toast that hits the spot. Simple and delicious. That was my Saturday night supper ... eaten as I sat crosslegged on the big comfy couch, wrapped in a fleece throw in front of a hot fire. Contentment tingling in every extremity.

So I made a morning trek to the grocery store to load up on fresh vegetables and spent much of today -- preparing Sunday dinner for my family. I steamed tender asparagus and experimented with raw beets ... did you know that the blood red juice of a blanched beet stains everything it touches ... even fingers! I prepared roasted potatoes and chicken breasts in a mixture made of tomato sauce, white wine, garlic, paprika, oregano and chicken broth. It didn't take long before the fragrances of garlic and spice hung in the air as dinner roasted in the oven. I topped it off with a spinach salad  in my ongoing effort to eat more fresh, green vegetables. Comfort food at its best - the perfect cure for a cold windy wintry day.

And just so I could smell them baking, I made a small batch of sugar cookies. Really it was just an excuse to use my rolling pin for the purpose it was intended!

So as my sweet little family gathered around the table, chatting happily as we ate, it brought me back to a time when our table was full for every meal. And now it is an occasion to have more than hubby and me at the table - and I have a deep appreciation for these meals shared together. Soon enough, it will once again be much quieter at dinner. I cherish these days spent cooking for my family and then sharing their enjoyment as they partake. I am fortunate to have loved ones to cook for -- and for that, I am grateful.


  1. This is a bit of a teaser , considering my cupboard is getting low on stocks! A propos your last comment on my blog - email me direct, and I'l let you see the 'orrible truth...

  2. mmmm... A heart warming plate of comfort food. You always make the best meals! It is times like these when I wished I lived closer... and to have a good visit with you too of course.
    Just today, I made my second batch of homemade beans with molasses. The first one was last year and turned out to ba a complete disaster because I forgot to add water. Can you say "dried out!"
    I dug up Dad's recipe that he scrawled on the back of a hard covered notebook I found.
    Today, my family agreed that these ones were "hmm hmm good"
    Motto - Try, try again and if that doesn't work - Eat at Lynda's.
    - Daugher #2

  3. Yesterday I put parsnips and potaotes around a pork chop to roast in the oven and went for a walk with Miss Trix. When we got back the house smelt wonderful and it didn't matter that I had my Sunday lunch alone. What was important was that I cared enough about me to cook it. And of course Miss Trix got the leftovers!

  4. Lyn, you're making me hungry! lol.


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