Friday, January 1, 2010

Cleansing Breath

I sit in my kitchen, coffee in hand peering hopefully out the window. There are a few flakes swirling in the air. It wants to snow. I can feel it. Winter is embarassed by her stark nakedness. Green grass and rain have no place in a Canadian January. Why has our little patch of Oakville been passed over?

Today is the very first day of a brand new year. Clicking away on my keyboard, reflecting, I am trying to decide if I should make some affirmations that are rolling around my head - official. I am not sure it matters. I do think however that for me, it is important for me to decide what I want my year to stand for. It gives me a focus. Last year I decided upon: mindful living; writing; and giving. I think this year I am going to assign a single word to my intention -- volunteer. I have been throwing it around, contemplating, visualizing and procastinating long enough. I am not getting any younger - and there is no time to waste.

So next year as I write my first blog of 2011 I will be able to reflect on how volunteering affected me and helped me be a better person. I am making be an actionable item for myself. Now I've done it - I've committed and put it out there ... so stay tuned.

I hope you are enjoying this new year's day and taking a deep cleansing breath to get you through the upcoming year. It's going to be exciting ... I can just feel it!

Now snow darn it!!


  1. Tell, me are my eyes odd? I don't see the last snow pic-drawing as having a wide grin; I see it as a complete face with a drawn in jaw line... there is a snub nose, and lips...but the hairline looks suspicious...

  2. I see it! Creepy -- she is staring right back at me. Isn't it interesting that we each have our own vantage point? I never noticed the "face" until you pointed it out Jinksy!


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