Sunday, January 24, 2010


O u t r e a c h.  I love that word - the power it carries and the image it brings to mind. The act or process of reaching out.  We've seen our share of outreach on the world news these past ten days in Haiti.  Mixed in with the coverage of horror and devastation were the stories of resilient survivors, life trumping death, courageous rescues, and truly spectacular demonstrations of the human spirit and the caring souls of aid workers, volunteers and community reaching out to help.

I have been moved beyond belief and as usual, I've been digging for the "take away" of this disaster. Just when the black cloud of negativity seems ready to burst and hope becomes elusive -- humankind rises to the call and reminds us that at the core we are connected; and when one of us hurts - we are hurt. We are reminded that we belong to something bigger than ourselves and that we need one another.

It reminds me that outreach is not just about world disasters (which of course are paramount) - but also about continuing outreach in our families and communitites. Pulling the focus from wide angle to close up -- do we have members of our own clan who need a caring call, a kind word, a visit, an expression of love ....

After my posts expressing frustration with the speed at which needy people were receiving basic essentials, my optimism is restored and even stronger than ever. The human spirit and love will prevail and we will emerge from this crisis as better versions of ourselves. And that is my gift in this adversity.


  1. I think you are right Lyn, we have to strive to be better and kinder people always, whether it's right now in our home lives or when the bigger picture needs our support and care.

  2. Haiti is on the front pages now but I wonder for how long. The news media who report and try to explain the crisis have a way of moving on when the next big story unfolds. We can not let this one drift off as this is probably the best chance for Haiti to survive as a nation and grow as a people. How do we accomplish this? Polar Bear


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