Friday, January 22, 2010

Rest For Me - But Not Haiti

I haven't been this happy to see Friday come in a really long time. It is officially my favourite day of the week -- something about having the W H O L E weekend stretching out before me. But today I am tired. I haven't slept well this week; maybe I was watching too many news reports or reading too many blogs about it -- but Haiti was everywhere. I was dreaming their faces and cries and grateful smiles. I woke up feeling heavy - having dreamed their pain and utter grief for those who they loved and lost. Then my thoughts turn instantly to those who are there, livng through it - and I send my complaints packing.  Aid workers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, citizens, victims, media, military .... all there. All living without sleep and essentials. They aren't sleeping well either - if at all.

So today, on a day that I know I have two days of rest ahead of me, I want to acknowledge and honour those who are working tirelessly and those who are trying to survive this crisis in Haiti. My deepest respect and thoughts are with you all. The whole world is pulling for you. You have my deepest gratitude ...

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  1. It is one of those things when the guilt of being ok weighs heavily on our souls I think.
    And it is crisis like this wherever they happen in the world that makes you realise that we are only one world and we really should behave as one.
    Enjoy your weekend though.


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