Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Things

It's the simple things that deliver joy, comfort and contentment.  Here's my list ...

~ waking up with 30 minutes still left on the clock, drifting in and out, meeting the day lazily
~ standing in a shower so hot it makes my skin red

~ finding my soft place to fall - the sweet spot just below his shoulder
~ wearing warm woolly socks on my ice cold feet

~ seeing the shining eyes of my reflection when I am rested and relaxed

~ hearing a John Denver tune on the radio
~ strolling along the waterfront while my mind wanders the infinite

~ catching a rerun of The Way We Were on a wintry Sunday afternoon

~ singing from the top of my lungs to my music as I clean

~ sipping something steaming from my favourite coffee mug with a handle big enough for me to slip both hands through

~ eating leftovers

~ rummaging through memory boxes bins

~ I love you's that are murmured, proclaimed and jotted in notes.

~ peeling a perfect banana - firm, unbruised and little on the unripe side of things
~ pulling my luggage through airports, knowing I am on my way

~ using a fresh bottle of shampoo for the very first time

~ being bundled on the couch with a book and a whole day stretched out before me

~ bleeding hearts - the kind that peek through winter to herald spring's arrival

~ piling cheddar cheese on a piece of fresh homemade bread covered with strawberry jam

~ eating the above with a hot cup of perfectly steeped tea

~ not being able to roll over because my dog Fritz is laying right between us
~ writing with the perfect writing pen - the kind with a comfy grip and that glides across the page

~ snapping a picture knowing you got the perfect shot; that you captured the perfect moment

~ wearing new underwear
I met a new blogfriend a few days ago ... Christina from Soul Aperature. Her blog is fresh and creative and well worth a visit (you'll overstay!). She is inviting us all to post the simple things in life that we appreciate and for each blog that participates, she and her family will donate $1.00 to Doctors without Borders. Just leave the link to your post in a comment on her blog. It feels good to support her giving ways.


  1. i too love a hot, hot shower and having the whole day to read. You have a great list.

  2. honey, this is beautiful! your doggie sleeps between you and your hubby? our dog miles does the same. oh, it is a warm bed, that's for sure. a simple and comforting pleasure.
    your photos and words warm my heart.

  3. I love your list! Many of your things are things I should have put on mine!

    I'm JoLyn from A Year of Happy--here's my list:

  4. Lyn, Thank you for your input! I am newer to photgraphy and I really appreciate hearing what others think who also have the passion.

    I LOVE this post. It is beautiful. A beautiful list.

  5. A great cause, and a warm-me-up post on a January day. I know what you mean by rolling your luggage... feels like freedom for sure. Great list!

  6. This is great. I'm a few weeks behind, but i definitely will do this.

    I really enjoyed your list. I've never had bread with strawberry jelly and melted cheese- sure sounds yummy though.


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