Sunday, May 9, 2010

Motherhood Gifts

You taught me things about myself I had never known. You introduced me to love that was absolute, unconditional and infinite.

You held the strings to my heart; when I first laid eyes on you, my thought was you could really hurt me.

I learned to give - completely, unhestitantly, willingly - and how to live for someone other than myself.

You are my most important accomplishment and the source of my greatest joys, happiest memories, and hopes for the future.

Motherhood, you  have bestowed upon me the greatest gifts in the world - my three precious treasures. And so on this Mother's Day, I am so very grateful for the privilege of being a mom.

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  1. Lovely words Lyn
    And heartfelt sentiments.
    Nothing beats our kids!
    Hope you have a lovely day with as many of your treasures that could make it home.

  2. So .... thanks once more, Lyn, for another of your kind comments, but I take it that means no puppy will be forthcoming by UPS from you, then? Dang!! Just one sucker, that's all I need! It just seems perfectly logical to me that since puppies always make me happy, then if I always had a puppy, I'd never be sad. I'd love to test this theory; maybe I'm really onto something. I could be making Prozac obsolete! Oh well even tho you're obviously a big disappointment in my worldwide puppy quest, I still have 28 other followers! Hope I made you smile and that you have a day, my distant but caring friend.

  3. PS: I almost forgot to point out that I think your most-recent post is just beautifully well written and full of insight. Way to go, girl.

  4. It is truly a gift to be a mother, i'll be forever grateful to be blessed times five.
    I hope you had a joyous day Lyn!

  5. I love the way you have personified Motherhood in this makes your tribute so very personal ...for me as've captured my feelings EXACTLY! You KNOW...because you are a beautiful mom! Hope your day was as lovely as you are!! Love you, Janine XO

  6. Happy Belated Mothers Day, Lyn! :) I hope it was a fabulous one for you and your girls.


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