Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keeping the Connection

I know I said I would spare you all from further posts about my Kenya trip (and reserve them for the Africa Calling blog) but the positive aftershocks of this experience has so deeply permeated my daily life I just can't resist one more.

The group on this trip formed an incredible, easy bond. And even though we all professed our desire to stay in touch afterwards, I wondered if we really would. I needn't have doubted. Most of us have added one another as Facebook friends - including the Maasai warriors and trip facilitators. Every single day since my return, I have had correspondence from one or more of my comrades; messages on my Facebook wall, emails, picture sharing and commenting, invitations to reunite and last night, a phone call from Meg, my soul sister from Arizona. Kidlet snatched the call first - excitedly chatting away to her, bringing Meg up to date on our lives, and sharing some laughs. I finally wrangled the phone from her to reconnect with my far away friend.

Meg is one of those relaxed, go-with-the-flow kinda gals. I could use the word "sweet" and "beautiful"  to describe her (her fresh face and attitude belie her 50 years) but I wouldn't want to make her gag. She is just one of those rare human beings that I have met and felt an instant "knowing". Just hearing her perky voice on the line made me smile and for the next few hours we recanted the highlights of our experience and swapped insights - agreeing that this has left us forever changed for the better. I have enjoyed sharing my tales and pictures with my willing victims family and friends but I have to admit that there is a richness to the conversation/communication that I share with the people who travelled the road with me. There is a deeper understanding and appreciation of the yarns and threads that cannot possibly be expected from those who are bystanders.

Every night since my return I have had dreams about my trip: the lush countryside; the freshness and cool of the morning air; the smiles on the shiny faces; the singing and rhythms; and the people in our group. Kenya has not left me yet and I am certain it never will. The people I met along the way are colourful, glossy beads added to my life string - permanently fixed and mine to hold and treasure for always.

Meg and I hung up reluctantly after several hours I wouldn't want to be getting her phone bill. We covered alot of ground - memories, quantum physics, spirituality, and basically the meaning of life.  We agreed that we have to get better organized and use Skype the next time. It costs a fortune to solve the woes of the world! The friendships are the part of the trip that have kept on giving. Lucky us -  it's worth it to keep the connections!


  1. I feel Skype is beginning to call to me...

  2. I love hearing the joy in your words, Lyn! Keep posting about it here, it is part of the fabric of who you are now. :) The traveling I've done has changed me and opened me in countless ways, and yet I can only grasp at the impact a trip like yours would have on the soul.

  3. Meg sounds like a wonderful person :)

  4. Life changing and challenging! Wonderful experience.

  5. How wonderful to not only have had the trip of a lifetime but to have made real lifelong friends as well.
    Lovely happy post celebrating it all.


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