Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Situation

I had something very important to write today but it didn't come easy. I was blocked. How did I break that block? Did I persevere, stimulate my creative juices, search for inspiration?  I suppose so, if you would consider procrastination any/all of the above. With this impending deadline breathing down my neck, I proceeded to:
  • check my Facebook updates
  • eat some popcorn
  • change up the music on my Dell jukebox (no, I don't have an iPod and even I can only listen to John Denver for so long)
  • stare at the second paragraph
  • clean out the second drawer of our buffet (found some toffee  from my Christmas stocking)
  • eat a piece of toffee (softens if you suck it a really long time)
  • make a sandwich for tomorrow
  • chat with my daughter on the phone
  • stand at the window and wish for sunshine on my shoulders
  • roll on the floor with Fritz
  • make yet another mug of tea
  • chat with my ex husband on the phone (our version of co-parenting)
  • stand and stretch while singing Perhaps Love.
I finally finished my piece and I think I consumed about a 6,000 calories in the process and stayed up way too late. Oh well, some days are diamonds, and some days are stone.  And if you hadn't already notices,  I definitely listened to way too much John Denver today!


  1. John Denver can fill my day anytime! I've loved his voice and music since I first saw him on The Old Grey Whistle Test, on his first visit to England. Any day listeningt to him is a diamond.

  2. My comment to you has got sidetracked by memories of THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST, oh what a wonderful programme back in the day. With whispering Bob Harris. Can still remember hearing Bridge Over troubled water there for the first time.
    Oops and whose blog is this???

  3. Hello again! Just busy catching up on all your news.. great that you had some summer Time at The Cottage.
    Oh, and thanks for always being so enthusiastic when I finally manage to post something! :)

  4. That's great! You make me smile. I both love and loath those 6,000 calorie days!

  5. Why Lynda, I do believe you and I are procrastination soul mates.


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