Monday, September 20, 2010

Gift of Jewel

I got mail - the really good kind! Se'lah over at the Necessary Room organized this wonderful exchange between bloggers, reminiscent of the pen pal days of my youth. All I had to do was send a heartfelt message through the mail and then wait for mine to arrive. It did not disappoint. Last week I came home to a handwritten envelope that tipped me off that it wasn't a bill or a boring piece of corporate literature. No - the exacting cursive writing said "Lyn" on it and it was the first thing I ripped open.

It was from Amelia over at momsdailyretreat - a blog which I was not familiar with - until now. Like a friend dropping in for a visit, I popped over to check her impressive digs. The blog has a soothing feel to it.

I reciprocated with an electronic note of thanks to Amelia and to Se'lah for their efforts. It has inspired me to do more of that -- send personal notes through the mail. As atrocious as my handwriting has become, I think there is something extra thoughtful knowing the pains someone took to deliver a message, and I know how much I enjoy receiving them (thanks to MIH I get them all the time).

The intent was simple ... to spread the love. And it worked.


  1. aren't handwritten letters the best?

    so glad you've received your jewel. yours is absolutely beautiful!

  2. How fun Lyn! sending and receiving mail is one of my favorite things to do. You are right, there is nothing like finding a handwritten letter in the mailbox!

  3. I love getting and sending mail. A few of my friends and I have become dedicated snail maliers. We only send emails when there is something time-relevant that can't wait for the post to deliver it. It's so great to get something besides credit card applications and bills in the mail!


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