Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reflections from the Four Lane

It is dark when I drive to work in the early mornings now; a simple reminder that winter lays in waiting. I don’t mind. I enjoy the change of the seasons as well as the quiet of the dawn, driving down sleepy, empty streets with only the occasional light flickering. There is a mystical quality about moving about while most of the village remains in slumber. Thinking time; moments of stillness that allow thoughts and images to flow freely about without hindrance or distraction. It occurs to me that when I probably appear most sedentary is when I am most active and creative … in my quiet, reflective driving time.

Thoughts this morning swirled around the upcoming We Day and the reunion of some of the special people I shared the Kenyan experience with. This experience, so rich beyond words is one I would wish for everyone near and dear to me. I remembered the profound effect the experience had on me the moment it had me in its grip. Inexplicable; long lasting - permanent I hope.

It is surreal that our Kenyan friends, emblazoned in my mind in their scarlet Maasai warrior garb are now in our country, fending off the Canadian chill in the standard uniform of the young – loose fitting denim jeans, ethically produced organic bamboo t-shirts, sweaters and ball caps. Their images are popping up everywhere, fueling my excitement to see them again. I want to know their impressions of our “village”, our lifestyle, our hospitality.

As I exited the four lane highway, dodging super-sized transport trucks, I marveled at how our eclectic group and Kenyan friends, born worlds apart, found common ground in humanity. We forged a bridge from a foundation of love for humankind, respect for one another and a shared dream for a better world.

Those days traveling in Land Rovers over rocky ungroomed terrain were only a few months ago and are sometimes strange to reconcile with my reality … but this I have learned: we are more alike than we are different. And thankfully, the world is shrinking and maybe I will live to see us live peacefully in one big village of colour, diversity and light.

Next up: We Day!


  1. What lovely thoughts, Lyn!! Your trip really touched your heart...I can tell!!!! Too bad everyone can't have such a life-changing experience!!! The world we be such a better place if there were more people like you!!! You are wonderful!!! ~Janine XO

  2. I can feel your excitement from here! You are still inspiring me :)

  3. I can imagine how exciting it is - and to have them here in your country. I still love showing my husband all the things that are different here - like seasons, holidays, etc. It's so interesting to hear what he thinks of the US and all of us crazy people.

    And a side note - it's dark when I go to work now too. I like that part but I admit I'm a bit nervous walking the dog in the dark down deserted roads!

  4. Great post--I can totally relate to your early morning or late late night thoughts when it seems the rest of the world is asleep--that sometimes is my favorite time of the day.

  5. I'm so glad you get to see your friends again! I can relate to your reflections, as soon as I'm in a car I'm almost immediately lost in thought. It's the perfect place to let your thoughts drift (providing you're not the driver, in which case it's probably best to keep your mind on the road, lol).


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