Sunday, August 9, 2009

Africa -- In My Dreams

I dream of going to Africa -- not only for the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking vistas, encounter exotic animals up close and personal, and witness a never ending sky flooded with stars; I dream of experiencing the people who live there -- members of the Masai Mara tribe and the city dwellers. I want to see and understand how they live, their challenges, their social structure, and their joys and pain.

I had planned to go this past July but it didn't pan out. Now I am resetting my compass and setting my sights on next summer. Kidlet says she's in and now my sister wants to join us too. I am hoping our other sister will throw caution to the wind and join us as well. I just know it will be a life changing experience, and if we all shared it, it would bond us in ways we could only imagine.

The good news is that because the trip has a large volunteer component, the facilitators allow fundraising to help pay for the trip. That makes it possible for my sisters to participate if they so choose. It offers options.

So now I am back in planning mode - saving my dollars to fulfill a dream -- my dream of Africa.


  1. Are cuz's allowed to go? Tell me more, the adventurer and wannabe philanthropist in me wants to contribute too ...

  2. Oh yay! I'm glad you're still researching ways to get to go! It sounded like such a wonderful opportunity for you before and I've had my fingers crossed that it would work out. I'm going to keep them that way, and maybe I'll be hearing some good news soon... :) Luck!

  3. I agree with Anonymous... are cuz's allowed to go? That would be my dream vacation.
    "A" East Coast Cuz

  4. Dreams are meant to be chased and achieved... Follow your dreams!


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