Monday, January 25, 2010

Kenya Confirmed

The dream is slowly crystalizing from those wisps of imagination, desire, visualization and passion. It's morphing from dream state to concrete reality. Trip is booked and half of the cost paid as a deposit. [Bad news: now the bank account is empty.Good news: we have 2 months to save up for the rest.]

Flights are booked. My credit card is bursting (and so am I) but I keep reminding myself that this trip with Kidlet to Kenya is a once (or twice) in a lifetime opportunity ... worth every penny or shilling. I am not used to spending money I don't have. I have never taken a trip that I haven't paid for upfront so this credit thing is taking a bit of gettng used to. The flights have escalated exponentially thanks to the tourists capitalizing on the World Cup. But those charges on my statement remind me that Kidlet and I will soon be travelling to the other side of the planet to experience something exquisite -- together. We have so much to learn; much to share; and much to experience. This trip is about so much more than the animals and nature (although that is a definite highlight) - it will be about learning how the people in Kenyan are living - what their struggles, dreams and hopes are. This will be a bonding opportunity with Kidlet - and that is going to be the best part of all.

Another part of this journey that has absolutely blown me away has been the unwavering support from my family, friends and friends I haven't met yet. Life is so wonderful when you have the world on  your side nudging you towards your dreams and goals. [silent prayer of thanks]

 Kidlet and I are starting a separate blog to document our journey to Africa so this one doesn't become deluged with Africa chatter. It will be a fun project to share with Kidlet. Do you sense the ongoing theme ... share as much as possible while she is around here to share with?

 Africa - the call is getting stronger and so is our anticipation!

More about my dreams of Africa ...


  1. How fabulous is this? I would do anything to take a trip like this someday with my girl. Everyone is benefited, as a human being, by travelling, I believe!

  2. Wow, Kenya. That's going to be an amazing trip. Good luck!

    Just stopped over from "She Writes."

  3. So excited for you for this trip! Will email you in the next couple of days with regard to our sponsorship! :)


  4. Lyn, I just checked in on your fund raising efforts and I am SO pleased to see that you're slowly climbing up that little thermometer. :)

    And I'm so excited for you and your daughter to be able to take this trip! :) Can't wait to hear all about it.


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